Ratings and Observations

Ratings are the method by which officials can advance their level of officiating. 

High School Ratings
For High School officiating, GSVO uses a Tier rating system:

See Forms page for links to Ratings documents


Observations are the best method for officials to improve their skills. This is an opportunity to have your officiating observed by veteran officials in a non-judgmental environment, with an emphasis on improving your skills. As an official, you may want to get an assessment of your skills before trying for a rating, or perhaps you are looking to get a second opinion on your performance by other officials.

Whatever your reason, GSVO recommends that officials be observed and get feedback on their performance on a regular basis to improve their officiating skills. Contact the rating chair for more information.

Schedule a rating/observation session
To schedule a rating or observation session, contact the Ratings and Observations Chair.

Note that all officials requesting a rating session will be required to pay the rating fee for that level. All rating advancements take effect at the end of the season.